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Title: A Gutn Ovnt Brayne = Good Evening, Brayne Artist: Mikveh 20 plays

“A Gutn Ovnt, Brayne / Good Night, Brayne” by Mikveh

The images in the song are stark, vivid, and we can’t turn away. We, like the neighbor, are called to witness the loneliness and to hear the desperate declarations. We see the shame, we witness the loss of control over the simple tasks of daily life, and we see a final image of descent — a battered body sinking to the street and lying still. How many women suffered behind the apartment doors of Warsaw and Krakow? How many women carried bruises in the shtetlekh, the towns of Poland and Lithuania, Russia and the Ukraine?

via “He Beat Me Black and Blue: Yiddish Songs of Family Violence, Part One” By Adrienne Cooper and Sarah Mina Gordon (The Jewish Daily Forward’s Arty Semite Blog)

  May 28, 2012 at 03:16pm