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Also in book jacket news: the art for Gary Shteyngart’s new memoir is totally adorable.

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Друг Детства (Childhood Friend) by Victor Dragunsky, with illustrations by G. Epishin, 1972

Viktor Dragunsky was a Soviet children’s author. He was born in New York in 1913 to a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants, but his parents soon returned to Russia. He became famous in 1959 when he started to publish short novels about the everyday life of a small Russian schoolboy named Dennis Korablev. (via)

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Мистер Твистер (Mister Twister) by Самуил Яковлевич Маршак (Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak), illustrated by I. Latinsky

A satirical poem about an evil American capitalist who travels to Leningrad with his spoiled family. When he learns that the hotel serves people of colour, he cancels his reservation and the concierge calls ahead to other hotels and advises them not to give the racist Mr. Twister a room.

See more pages from the book (Russian)
Read an excerpt (Russian & English)

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My Book Suggestion for this week: Yiddish Folksongs in Russia (Yiddishe Folkslieder in Russland)


Yiddish Folksongs in Russia (Yiddishe Folkslieder in Russland) 
by S. M. Ginzburg and P. S. Marek


Photo-reproduction of the classic collection of 376 folksongs, printed in Yiddish with transliteration, originally published in St. Petersburg in 1901. This new edition, annotated and with an introduction by Dov Noy, is the first in a series of reproductions of rare works of Yiddish scholarship and belles-lettres. 480 pp. Yiddish (with Hebrew and Latin letters) with transliteration, and Russian.

Published by Bar-Ilan University.

First edition | Year: 1991 | Pages: 480 | Hardcover

Price $44.95

Click here if you want to buy it NOW

Yesterday and Today (Vchera I Segodnia) - Marshak - Lebedev by Iliazd on Flickr.

A children’s book of poetry written by Soviet Jewish writer, translator, and children’s poet Samuil Marshak and illustrated by Vladimir Lebedev. Leningrad, 1928.

1910-1934, The Museum of Modern Art, New York

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Gitelman, Zvi Y.  A century of ambivalence : the Jews of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1881 to the present.  Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c2001.  (O’Neill DS135.R9 G444 2001)

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