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Study: Russian-speaking immigrants moving further right on Israeli political spectrum (Haaretz) ›

[T]he study found, 55 percent of the immigrants said Israel should work to reduce the number of Arabs in the country, compared to only 41 percent of veteran Israelis. About two-thirds said Israeli Arabs constitute a national security risk, compared with 59 percent of veteran Israelis. And only 4 percent would accept their child marrying a Muslim Arab, compared to 9 percent of veteran Israelis.


"Essentially, they joined the existing national consensus, in which Arabs lie beyond the bounds of legitimacy," [Prof. Majid Al-Haj, Haifa University’s vice president and dean of research, who served as lead researcher on the study] said. "If we thought these immigrants, who are primarily secular, would contribute to broadening the boundaries of legitimacy, it didn’t happen. They didn’t serve as a bridge.

Pretty upsetting stuff, though not really all that surprising. I posted an article a little while back about Russian-Jewish immigrants as a reliable Republican voting bloc in the US, and I want to post a relevant quote from that article:

“Lurking behind these much-discussed reasons for Russian Jewish conservatism is the fact of deeply ingrained Russian xenophobia, which some say the nation’s Jews have internalized despite being an oppressed group themselves. This, say some, makes them more susceptible to the racial dog whistles employed by conservative politicians.”

  July 07, 2011 at 01:57am